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Profile - Whitney "Pinks" Barnett

Whitney BarnettAge? 16

Favorite Food? Chinese

How long have you been racing? Since I was 7 years old.

What type of racing do you compete in? Motocross, Supercross, ArenaCross

What Class? Womens 14+, CollegeBoy 16-24

What is your best racing accomplishment so far in your racing career?
2009 2nd LLQ Elizabeth City NC
2008 10th Overall New England Regional Championship
2008 NEMX Women's Spring Series Champion
2008 2nd Place East Coast Region Toyota Arena Cross Series Women's Class
2008 Toyota Arena Cross Series (Albany) 4th
2007 Canaan Lions MotoCross Womens Champion
2007 Qualified For Loretta Lynn's Regional Race
2006 Winchester SpeedPark Series, 8th Place

What bike are you currently riding? 2009 Yamaha YZ250F Custom, 2006 Yamaha YZ450F Custom

What # do you race with? 514  

What kind of grips do you use? OURY is the only grip that goes on my bike

Why do you use Oury Grips? Comfort and quality and of course being the only company that makes an all pink grip doesn't hurt - and great customer service.