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Profile - Tom "Harley" Hamilton

Tom HamiltonLocation: Maquoketa Iowa, United States of America

Age: 49

Favorite Food? Sushi and Mexican

Favorite Saying: 2nd Place is First Looser, When in doubt GAS it!

How long racing: Since 1987

Type of racing: ICE and Dirt Speedway Motorcyle Racing

Class: 1st on ICE, 2nd on Dirt

Accomplishment: Winchester California Track Champion 2004

Bike: Jawa 500cc Speedway

Number: 144

What kind of grips do you use? Oury Pyramid

Why do you use Oury Grips? Great feel and diameter to hold on to a 500cc Methanol Burning Monster that goes 0-60 Mph in under 3 seconds. Very hard to hold onto with other manufacturers grips but NO Problem with my Oury Pyramids.