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Profile - Spencer Roof

Spencer RoofAge? 13

Favorite Food? Cheeseburger

How long have you been racing? 7 years

What type of racing do you compete in? atva extreme dirt track nationals and flat track

What Class? 90 modified, 105 supermini, school boy junroir, mini quad

What is your best racing accomplishment so far in your racing career? square deal rides class champion 2009 atva edt national fourth and fifth class points

What bike are you currently riding? 300ex, 90 modified

What # do you race with? 9  

What kind of grips do you use? Oury grips!

Why do you use Oury Grips? I use Oury grips because they are comfortable in my hands when I'm racing. I also use them because they work well in adverse conditions.