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Profile - Si "Superfly" Patton

Si PattonName: Si Paton

Age: 40+

Favorite Food: Hot Birds Custard with a Mr Kiplings Bramley Apple Pie and a dollop of Walls Vanilla Soft Scoop Ice Cream.

Favorite Saying: "I never crash"..

Favorite Color: Baby Blue

What type of bikes are you currently riding? Commencal Supreme DH, Giant AC1, Flow Myth for 4x and Trails and a Haro Monoque 20" BMX.

What kind of grips do you use, and why? Black OURY Lock-On Grips with the Lock Jaw Clamps. Racing in the U.K can be a wet and muddy affair. When battling for the podium I want to be in full control of my chosen ride and the Ourys keep my digits in place. They
absorb the small vibrations and therefore limit "Arm Pump" enabling me to hold on and get down the track and the job done..

How long have you been racing? Since 1991.

What, in your opinion, is the best aspect of racing?
Racing flat pedals and beating anyone thats clipped in wearing those stupid Disco Slippers with the "Devil Pedal". Hitting a track with big jumps and the fact that were a sport based on beating a clock yet we couldn't care less about wearing skin suits and going peakless. It's all about the style.. Of course getting away from "Her indoors" and having a laugh with the lads, getting smashed in the bar on the Saturday night..

Race Highlights? 3rd at 2004 British National DownHill Champs at Ludlow. 2nd at 2004 British National 4x Champs at Hornton Hill. 2nd at 2004 Welsh National Champs at Mynnd Du. 1st at 2005 Midlands Champs Hopton. An integral part of the Descent-World.co.uk which is the UKs Number One website for Downhill and 4x MountainBiking. He's been part of the infrastructure since day one, Si works 24/7 on in-depth product testing, race reports, managing the Descent-World Team and running his newest venture, retail outlet Descent-Gear Ltd.

When he's not on track he's either taking photos, commentating, liberating you of your hard earned cash or chatting to everyone. Si started racing BMX in 1982 and still pops up at least one National every year onboard his 24" cruiser. From 1987 to the present day he skates Vert, Street and Mini-Ramps under the name "Jester" in and around Birmingham, England.

During the summer months he clocks up plenty of "airmiles" onboard his Flow race bike, hitting the trails 3x times a week and is well known for his digging and sculpturing of many legendary trail spots such as the "Spinny, Pieces and Halesowen".

Si's always been quick, coming from the council flats in Smethwick (One of Birminghams roughest areas) you  had to be fast on your feet or bike. If not you lost  em! "They were the 80's, times were hard, I still keep my money in my sock on the way to Town" he'll tell you..

Do you have any other sponsors? Descent-World, Descent-Gear, Oury, Troy Lee, Maxxis Tyres and Tubes, Spy Optics, SIC Bars and Stems, E-13 Chain Devices, High 5, Funn Headsets and Soljam Flat Pedals!


Looking for Oury Grips in the UK?
Contact [email protected] or see him
trackside every weekend at all the UK's Downhill and
4x Races, just look for the Descent-World Van!

Photo by Ryan Corbyn