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Lucas Appel

City: Nykvarn

State/Province: Stockholm

Country: Sweden

Age: 17

Favorite Food: Ribs

Favorite Saying / Quote: -

How long have you been racing?: 13 years

What type of racing do you compete in?: Motocross (Swedish championship)

What class: 125cc

What is your best racing accomplishment so far in your racing career?:  My whole 125cc career.

What bike(s) are you currently riding?: Currently I'm riding an 125cc KTM-14 bike, and soon gonna go up to an 250cc KTM 4-stroke and try to qualify to the mx2 Swedish championship.

What number(s) do you race with?: 440

What kind of grips do you use?: Oury Pyramid – all colors

Why do you use Oury Grips?: They are perfectly thin, and I don't get any arm pump from them.