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Profile - Jeremy Hinrichs

Jeremy HinrichsAge: 24

Favorite Food: Pasta

Often heard saying: "Let's get it done!"

Favorite Color: Black

Type of Bike Currently Riding:
Black/Green Kawasaki KX 125 & 250

How long have you been racing for? 10 years

What's the best aspect about racing? The competition.

What is your best racing accomplishment so far of your career? RMXA 1997: 125, 250, & Open Champion; '96 2nd place SRAC.

What type of grips are you using? Black Oury MX Grips, because they add a good thick feel to the handlebars, making it easy to hang on.

What are your other sponsors? Hi-per Sports, Full ProCircuit Ride, MSR, Dunlop, AGP, Bell , B-line Graphics, GTI, One Industries, WD-40