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Lock On Grips


  1. Remove old grips and clean handlebars thoroughly to remove any glue or debris from previous grip installations.

  2. Attach clamps to grips by inserting one of the ears on the grip into the recess on the inside of the clamp and pulling the clamp down over the other ear.  Assemble bolt into the clamp using a 2.5mm Allen key. Repeat this process to assemble the remaining clamps onto the grips.

  3. Slide the grip onto the handlebar making sure that both clamps are completely on the bar.

  4. Tighten the bolt in all 4 clamps to secure the grips in place.  If some play develops over time, this can be corrected by loosening one of the clamps and torquing it in either direction and re-tightening the bolt while continuing to hold pressure on the clamp.