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Profile - DC "Dude" Clark

DC ClarkAge: 11

Favorite Food: Porterhouse Steak & Baked Potato

Favorite Saying: "Dude", "Sweet!"

Favorite Color: Yellow

What type of bikes are you currently riding? Yellow/Black '98 Suzuki 80 cc & Green '98 Kawasaki 60.

What kind of grips do you use, and why? Black, Yellow, and Green OURY MX Grips. When you ride as fast as I do, you need to know your gloves are going to hook up with your grips. One of the things I notice about the MX grips is your gloves hook-up really well with the type and contour of the grip. That's really important when your railing a big berm in the mud! That's why I use OURY.

How long have you been racing? 1999 will be my 6th year.

What, in your opinion, is the best aspect of racing? The people are really nice, and I like the speed and jumping. My sister (who's 17) likes the boys!

Do you have any other sponsors? Cernic's Suzuki, AXO, Maxima, Pro-Action, Bridgestone, N-Style,
Boysen, AFAM, Scott