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Profile - Craig Mason

Craig MasonAge? I am 35 yrs old 

Favorite Food? Sushi 

Favorite Saying? Let's get it on 

How long have you been racing? 25 yrs (on and off MX) I took 7 yrs off from anything 2 wheels and started Supermoto racing in 03 and Road racing in 2006. 

What type of racing do you compete in? A little of everything really, motocross, supercross, Minis, Supermoto, Road racing, off-road. 

What Class? 600 Supersport / Formula Extreme, Lite SM and Supermoto, and Dirt track. I always race the pro class. 

What is your best racing accomplishment so far in your racing career? I would say my 2000 Minibike World Championship or maybe my 10th place at the Mettet Starbiker's race or my  4th o/a at a Australian national (Missed podium by 1 pt) 

What bike are you currently riding? Fast50s "Factory 50", Yamaha R6's (RR), Yamaha 250f (off-road), Yamaha yz450f (SM) and Yamaha yz450f (DT) 

What color's are they? White on my Fast50s bike and mostly blue on all my Yamaha's. 

What # do you race with? #181 in AMA SM and RR. 81y AMA DT, AMBA #8f, MA #181,  

What kind of grips do you use? Oury waffle usually, but I have Oury on all my stuff, MTB grips, My jet skit, bobcat, bmx bike...  

Why do you use Oury Grips? I have run Oury for 19 yrs now. I love them!! When I fly to a race or borrow a bike new grips go with me.They hold up well if put on correctly and just feel like they are one with your hands and they grip better than most. At my company Fast50s.com we will not allow any other grips to be sold other than Oury, we trust and believe in them.