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Profile - Alex Blackwell

Alex BlackwellAge:25

Favorite Food: Tacos, Turkey Burgers

Favorite Saying: "This is High Petrified!"

Favorite Color: Blue

 What type of race do you compete in? Motocross - 125 A Class (Expert), 250 A Class, +25 A Class.

How long have you been racing? Since 1991

What kind of bike do you currently ride? YZ 125 & 250 (One Industries Hurricanes)

What kind of grips do you use? Yellow Oury Pyramid Grips

What do you  like about the grips? They're easy for me to hold onto.

What is the best aspect about racing? Jumping High and Far!

What is your best racing accomplishment so far of your career? '97&'98 125A Champion, '98 250A 3rd, '98 +25A 3rd.